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What I Do

Web Design Services


Web Design

You can hire me to come up with an original design for your website, but if you want to keep costs down then we can buy a template online and I'll hook it up for you.


Mobile Optimisation

Did you know that Google penalises websites that are not mobile-friendly? You might be able to get a decent rankings boost by hiring me to optimise your website for display on mobile devices.

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Graphic Design

Do you need some custom graphics for your existing website or upcoming email marketing campaign? As they say in the print business, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Logo Design

A distinct logo is a wise investment for your business as it will help to make your brand more recognisable. Perhaps you already have a logo but need me to spruce it up a bit?


Flyer Design

Flyers, posters, brochures and propaganda leaflets are highly effective tools for promoting events and campaigns, or to simply increase public awareness of your products and services.

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Finishing Touches

Did you design that website yourself? It looks like it. I'm not knocking it, but I think you could do with hiring a professional to spend an hour or two applying some finishing touches.

Web Development Services

Ruby on Rails

I've been coding with Ruby on Rails for over 8 years. If you need to hire a programmer to write a few custom features or handle some overflow work then I'm ready to help.

E-Commerce Websites

An online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making your products and services available all year long in every single home on earth. It makes good sense to sell online.

Test Writer

Some companies neglect to develop a test-suite for their websites, thinking it will save them money, only for it come back and bite them when things go wrong and no-one knows why.

Website Upgrades

If your Ruby on Rails website is over two years old, then you will likely experience a perfomance boost by hiring someone to upgrade some of the underlying gems and dependencies.

Performance Checks

Is your website running slower than it used to? Are Google penalising you for slow page load times? I can run some performance tests on your site to root out those bottlenecks.

Content Managment Systems

If you need a Ruby on Rails website built, but want to save money on the development costs, then it's worth considering using a Content Managment System like Spina.

Web Maintenance Services


Web Hosting

All websites need hosting and I'm happy to look after that side of things for my clients. I prefer to work with Heroku, Openshift, and Digital Ocean but will consider other options.


Branded Email Addresses

A branded email address which contains your domain name, such as [email protected], looks more professional than [email protected], and it adds to your online credibility.


Analytics Integration

Google Analytics tells you where your visitors are based, how they found your site, and which pages they looked at. It's essential if you're running a targeted marketing campaign.


Server Caching

Caching usually makes your website faster, and lets you serve more traffic at a lower cost, thus improving your search engine rankings along with the overall experience of your visitors.

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Content Delivery Network

If your website has a global audience then you will likely benefit from using a Content Delivery Network to distribute the load and ensure that your pages are served quicker.

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SSL Setup

Without SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on your site, anyone with a packet sniffer like Wireshark can intercept your login details next time you sign in.